Young Professionals Board

“For those who love, nothing is too difficult, especially when it is done for the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Saint Ignatius School Young Professionals Board is a network of young professionals dedicated to supporting SIS’s mission of educating promising children and teenagers from low income, underserved families. Through volunteer activities, social events and networking opportunities, the SIS Young Professionals Board assists the school in cultivating support and philanthropic initiatives. This commitment to St. Ignatius School ensures that each student will be immersed in a rigorous and disciplined program that recognizes each student’s unique gifts, challenges, needs and potential. The YP Board helps cultivate the next generation of leaders committed to St. Ignatius School and serving those in need in the Hunts Point community. For more information, please contact Clare Carroll at

YP Volunteer in Action

Sara Barton has been volunteering with St. Ignatius since 2013, and currently serves on the Young Professionals Board. She was introduced to the board through her childhood friends Alicia LaClair and Adam Bouley who were teachers at SIS at the time. Sara was new to New York City and eager to give back while also finding like-minded individuals who shared that same desire, leading her to the Young Professionals. Her connection to the school was solidified when she served as a chaperone on a school field trip and “was so impressed by the small sanctuary that was Saint Ignatius, and the wonderful kids there, that I wanted to help them grow and have access to every opportunity I’d had as a kid.”  She has been active in coordinating YP fundraisers, participating in YP Fun Days, and serving as a mentor in the College Mentor Program. Most recently, in Spring 2018, Sara led a session on building a LinkedIN profile for St. Ignatius graduates as part of the Graduate Support Program’s College/Career Fair.

Sara lives on the Upper East Side, works at LinkedIN as a Customer Success Manager, and graduated from SUNY Geneseo in 2011. She is a dedicated Young Professional who serves as a role model for SIS students and graduates. We are grateful for Sara’s commitment to the SIS community!

Young Professionals Board Members Conor Troy and Mike McGilvery.

Michael McGilvery has been volunteering with St. Ignatius since 2013, and currently serves on the Young Professionals Board and the Development Committee for the school. He first got involved with the school through the Byrnes family, and helped Elise Byrnes to set up the Saturday afternoon Fun Nights throughout the winter and spring of 2014. He has been active in fundraising for St. Ignatius through the Young Professionals Board, helping to plan bar nights and invite a group of Young Professionals to the Stock Exchange event in May. In the fall of 2014, Michael set up a Saturday morning SAT tutoring program with fellow young professional, John Mitchell, which will run throughout the school year and serve alumni of St. Ignatius that attend high schools throughout the city. Michael lives in the Financial District of Manhattan, works at Nomura Securities as a Global Markets Analyst, and graduated from Georgetown University in 2013. He looks forward to continuing to be active serving the school and it’s alumni, and is already looking forward towards next year’s night at the Stock Exchange!

Mike is an excellent example of our mission in action.   Not only is he providing an academic enrichment, but is also serving as a great role model for our students. We are deeply grateful to Mike for volunteering his time!