Summer Leadership

"Go forth and set the world on fire."

The Summer Leadership Program in Lake Placid is a unique opportunity for low income students who do not have access to summer experiences outside of New York City.

Required for rising 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, our Summer Leadership Program offers five weeks of additional learning and recreation opportunities. Situated at the school for two weeks and then at a residential camp in Lake Placid, New York for three weeks, this program is unique for low-income students who do not have access to summer experiences out of the Bronx. The spirit of cura personalis, education of the whole person, is alive during our Summer Leadership Program. Our goals include honing English Language Arts, mathematics, and science skills to prevent the “summer slide”; establishing a strong sense of community among students and faculty, particularly welcoming the incoming 6th grade class; creating a vibrant atmosphere of interactive learning where students may both pursue their interests and be “open to growth” to try new things.

During the first two weeks at SIS, each student takes reading, writing, mathematics, and leadership classes. Students spend a half-day revisiting curriculum covered during the previous school year for purposes of enrichment and remediation where students have not mastered core skills. Sixth graders, who are beginning their SIS education, acclimate to the routines of the school day and learn teacher expectations first hand. It is also an important time for teachers to assess how the new 6th grade students engage in the classroom.

During the second phase of camp, students benefit from the incredible opportunity to spend three weeks learning, exploring, and building camaraderie at a residential camp in Lake Placid through the generosity of the Julian Reiss Foundation. For more than 50 years, the Julian Reiss Foundation has generously operated Camp Monserrate in Lake Placid, NY for children in Nativity model middle schools. Most students have never traveled outside of the Bronx prior to their camp experience. Each day is carefully structured to reinforce academic skills in an enthusiastic environment. Our STEM curriculum includes hands on experimentation with robotics, forensics, and engineering. Students enthusiastically hone their critical thinking skills by testing bottle rockets and building solar powered s’mores ovens. Additionally, the daily routine incorporates swimming lessons, hikes, field trips, community meal time, and reflection. Field trips to the farmer’s market, Olympic facilities, and the Wild Center are student favorites. Parents are updated about their children via social media posts and weekly phone calls. At the end of camp, students set goals for the next school year, which they will revisit in January at “Renew the Spirit of Camp Day”. This day is dedicated to evaluating progress and to resetting goals for the rest of the academic year.