"Place before your eyes as models for imitation, not the weak and cowardly, but the fervent and courageous."

Many of the middle school age children of Hunts Point are from low-income immigrant families, lost to failing public schools and the streets. St. Ignatius provides students with a viable and preferable alternative to invest in their education.

Families struggle with inadequate education, unemployment, lack of resources and a language barrier. Poverty is a reality. Our children are vulnerable to the ravages of violence, drugs, prostitution, and gangs – commonplace in Hunts Point where our students reside. Local public schools are failing to meet the needs of students, thus many succumb to the vices of the streets.

In the most powerful city in the world, New York, Hunts Point neighborhood of the South Bronx is a pocket of extreme poverty and high risk, especially for children.

The Numbers:

  • The poorest of the 435 U.S. congressional districts1
  • Median income is $26,6262
  • 59.3% of children live in poverty2
  • 37.2% of students graduate high school – the lowest rate in the City2
  • Highest teen birth rate in the City2

Whom We Serve:

  • 79 students currently enrolled for the 2018-19 school year
  • 97% Hispanic, 3% African American
  • All students receive free lunch through the National School Lunch Program
  • 82 alumni in high school and 87 in college

The Cost:

  • Saint Ignatius School families invest $35 per month on a sliding scale
  • Our donors cover nearly 100% of total expenses

Sources: 1) U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, 2011; 2) Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York, Community Risk Rankings: Child’s Well-Being in New York City’s 59 Districts, December 2017