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"Place before your eyes as models for imitation, not the weak and cowardly, but the fervent and courageous."

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Morillo Family Featured in the New York Times

The New York Times featured SIS family Katie and Makayla Morillo in article “From Paralysis to Motherhood, She Never Gave Up.” Mother Katie and daughter Makayla Morillo are a story of courage and hope, setting the world on fire with their positive response to adversity. Makayla is a 6th grader, and St. Ignatius School looks forward to supporting her through middle school, high school, college, and beyond.


SIS Students and Alumni Ring Bell at New York Stock Exchange with HPAC

St. Ignatius School students and alumni involved in partner organization Hunts Point Alliance for Children’s programs rang the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Friday, January 4, 2019. Congratulations Chelsea Alonzo (SIS ’12, St. Jean Baptiste High School ’16, Marist College ’20), Katherine Villalta (SIS ’20), Kenneth Asamoah (SIS ’12, Mount St. Michael Academy ’16, SUNY Albany ’20) Eduardo Gomez, SIS ’12, Xavier High School ’16, Syracuse University ’20), Britnney Ron (SIS ’13, Notre Dame High School ’17, Middlebury College ’21), Iandra Toribio (SIS ’15, St. Catharine Academy ’19). Watch the video here.

The New York Stock Exchange welcomes Hunts Point Alliance for Children in celebration of the new year, and the opportunities it brings to the Hunts Point Community. Eduardo Gomez, HPAC College Scholar, Syracuse University Class of 2020, joined by Chris Taylor, NYSE Listings and Services, rings The Closing Bell®.


St. Ignatius School students Kiara Garcia and Dalylah Ebanks have featured photos in the New York Times article “Capturing the Beauty of Everyday Life in the Bronx“. Under the guidance of Ms. Meredith McCann, SIS students participate in Photography Club at neighborhood arts partner, The Point. Among many other students who have participated in Photography Club, Kiara and Dalylah have developed their skills taking photos, developing film in the dark room, and expressing their creativity.


Following in the foot steps of Jason (SIS ’19), current 6th grader, Aaleeah (SIS ’20), was recently accepted into the prestigious education program: The TEAK Fellowship.

Geared towards assisting promising students from low-income neighborhoods, the TEAK Fellowship motivates students to reach their full potential. Students enhance their already strong academic skills, and with guidance and mentorship, develop the necessary leadership qualities to navigate through eventual higher education. The TEAK Fellowship sees that their scholars excel in some of New York’s best high schools including: Riverdale Country School, The Dalton School, and The Horace Mann School. However, the program’s support does not end in high school as students are adequately prepared for college through SAT courses, college visits, and much more. In fact, 27% of the TEAK Fellowship’s graduating class of 2016 matriculated into Ivy League institutions.

Students like Jason and Aaleaah will receive endless support from the SIS community and the TEAK Fellowship. They are both wonderful additions to this program and we are are excited to witness their growth over the years.

Please join us in congratulating Aaleeah on her accomplishment!

Annual Scholarship Benefit 2018
Thank you for supporting St. Ignatius School’s Annual Scholarship Benefit INVEST IN CHANGE on May 7th, attended by over 425 guests. Once again, the energy, generosity, and enthusiasm in the room was spectacular! We are thrilled to have such a dynamic and ever-growing community of supporters.
In the words of speakers Louis Hurtado (SIS ’11) and Carlos Garcia (SIS ’18) and his mother – the spirit of our Jesuit mission, to empower students to become their best selves – was very much alive. For those of you unable to attend, please read of the incredible impact of your support in their testimonies.
Quite simply this school would not exist without the extraordinary efforts and kindness of so many people. On behalf of the St. Ignatius School community, we owe a debt of gratitude to our honorees and to each you for ensuring that the “Miracle on Manida Street” continues to thrive.
Welcome New Faculty

Jim Malone and Alessandra Leudeking

SIS is thrilled to welcome Jim Malone and Alessandra Leudeking to the 2017-18 faculty.

Jim Malone teaches sixth grade ELA. Mr. Malone received his B.A. from SUNY Albany, then went on to earn his M.A. in English literature at SUNY New Paltz. He enjoys outdoor activities from climbing mountains to raking leaves, and is an avid baseball fan, aspiring filmmaker, and wannabe guitar hero.

Alessandra Luedeking is a Jesuit Volunteer who is teaching sixth grade social studies. She is from Miami, Florida and earned her B.A. in English and international studies at Boston College. In her free time, Alessandra loves watching films based on true stories, eating Indian food, and reading during her spare time. She is looking forward to the many adventures that await her during the school year with SIS!

Meet the TEAK Fellow & Oliver Scholars


Rising 7th Grader, Jason, and rising 8th Graders, Katelyn, Carlos and Enmanuel recently joined the ranks of two of New York’s prestigious education programs: The TEAK Fellowship and Oliver Scholars Program, respectively.

Geared towards assisting promising students from low-income neighborhoods, both the TEAK Fellowship and Oliver Scholars Program motivate students to reach their full potential. With a plethora of resources and services, students enhance their already strong academic skills but also develop the necessary leadership qualities to navigate through eventual higher education. Both organizations boast a great repertoire of high schools in which their students go on to attend, such as Riverdale Country School, The Dalton School and Fordham Prep to name a few. Their success does not end there as students in both programs go on to attend renowned colleges and universities across the nation. In fact, 27% of the TEAK Fellowship’s graduating class of 2016 matriculated into Ivy League institutions.

These facts and details are but small examples of how impressive these programs are and how much of an impact they make on students like Jason, Katelyn, Carlos and Enmanuel. Equipped with endless support from the SIS community and extremely hard work ethics, these two students will continue to flourish in their academic pursuits and will prove wonderful additions to already fabulous programs.

Please join us in congratulating our students on their accomplishments!

2017 Annual Scholarship Benefit

On May 2, 2017, St. Ignatius School celebrated its mission with over 350 supporters at the Loeb Boathouse Central Park. Please read the testimonies of Britnney Ron ’13 and Oscar Carrasco ’13 and learn about the impact SIS has had on their lives.  The energy, generosity, and enthusiasm in the room was nothing short of spectacular and helped us exceed our goal of $500,000. We are thrilled to have such a dynamic and ever-growing community of supporters.

Rare Dolphin Sighting in Hunts Point


On March 20, 2017, St. Ignatius School students spotted a dolphin in the Bronx River during their extracurricular program with community partner, Rocking the Boat. A rare occurrence, the dolphin sighting incited “waves” of excitement and intrigue among our students.

The story was covered by the New York Daily News and included in their online editorial. The link to the article can be found here.

Fordham Preparatory School Partnership

St. Ignatius School has been fortunate to receive unwavering support from the faculty, staff and students at Fordham Preparatory School over the years. This video captures the wonderful relationship between St. Ignatius School and Fordham Prep students during their weekly service. The students at Fordham Prep represent role models for our students and embody the Jesuit ideal of being a man for others.

Please take a moment to watch the video below that illustrates the robust relationship between St. Ignatius School and Fordham Preparatory School.

Thank you to the faculty, staff and students at Fordham Preparatory School for their devotion to our students.

Feast of Guadalupe

Our annual Feast of Guadalupe Mass at Corpus Christi Monastery was featured in the recent issue of the “Hunts Point Express.” With songs from the SIS choir and a local Mariachi band – which our very own Carlos Garcia (7th Grade) is a part of – the celebration of the Feast of Guadalupe was remarkable and well-attended. Over 100 people were in attendance, including SIS families and members of the Hunts Point community. Guadalupe

Thank you to Fr. Jack Podsiadlo for presiding over our Mass and the SIS choir for their wonderful songs.

Check out the special feature article in the Hunts Point Express.

Young Professionals Board SoulCycle Charity Ride

On December 11, 2016, our Young Professionals Board hosted a SoulCycle Charity Ride at the East 63rd Street studio to benefit the students of St. Ignatius School. With over 55 participants and many generous donors, we raised over $3,300! Thanks to all who made this event a wonderful success!


Robotics Program Up and Running

As part of the after-school program, students in the eighth grade class have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in programming, electronics, and robotics using Makeblock’s mBots. Students build their own robots and learn to program them via Scratch based graphical programming. As students build up their programming knowledge, they will learn how to program their robots to avoid walls, follow lines and travel an obstacle course autonomously. Thank you to Broadway Stages for generously underwriting the robotics program! 20161019_163909-2

Welcome New Faculty for the 2016-2017 Academic Year

Katherine Michalik grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and earned her BA in English at Boston College. She will be teaching 6th grade ELA and Writing as well as helping with after-school programming. In her free time, she likes to read, workout, and try new restaurants. 


Emily Wright will be teaching 8th Grade ELA.  She earned a BA in History and French at Amherst College and an Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has taught in both public and private schools, and last year she got a reminder of what it’s like to be a student as she worked toward a master’s degree in Celtic Studies at Oxford University in England.  In her free time, Ms. Wright loves to read (she is an English teacher, after all), sing, and explore new places – or old places that still hold surprises.


Ashley Escobar is a Jesuit Volunteer and will be teaching 6th grade Social Studies and serving SIS in a variety of ways. Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, Ashley attended the University of San Diego in California where she studied Environmental Studies and Theatre Arts & Performance Studies. Currently living in Harlem, she is a lover of coloring, exploring the city, dogs, musicals, museums and making the most of her time in this amazing city. Ashley looks forward to everything this year has in store!


Luis Paez grew up in Hunts Point and graduated from SIS in 2005. He earned his BA in Communications with a focus on intercultural communication at DePauw University in Indiana. While at St. Ignatius, Luis will serve as an Advancement Associate and Graduate Support assistant. He is excited to return to Hunts Point and begin his work at his alma mater. In his free time, he enjoys rock-climbing, riding his bike across the city and traveling to foreign cities. 


Katherine Michalik, Emily Wright, Ashley Escobar, and Luis Paez on the first day of school.


NYC Junior Ambassadors Program

Under the guidance of social studies teacher Colin McGinnis, St. Ignatius School was selected to be in the inaugural cohort of 11 classrooms out of over 75 applicants in the NYC Junior Ambassadors Program. This program was launched in January of 2016 as a collaborative effort between the United Nations and the New York City Mayor’s Office for International Affairs. On March 14th, 2016, 7th grade students went on their curated tour of the UN which had a particular emphasis on human rights. As the visit coincided with the beginning of the 60th session of the Commission on the Status of Women and all of the students that took part in the tour were female, it was a very empowering and meaningful experience.United Nations_2

On May 18th, 2016, United Nations Ambassador Flores from Panama visited St. Ignatius School to meet with the 7th grade girls as part of the program. Amb. Flores emphasized working to make our world a better place today, because it is the world our middle schoolers and their children will inherit. Thank you Amb. Flores!

Check out special St. Ignatius School featured articles in The Bronx Times and The Hunts Point Express.
  UN Visit 1
St. Ignatius School’s Annual Report is Live!

SIS proudly presents the 2014-2015 Annual Report.

Fordham University Men’s Basketball Team visits St. Ignatius

October 7, 2015 – The Fordham University Men’s Basketball team visited St. Ignatius to share their love of basketball and the classroom. Players Antwoine Anderson (R-Sophomore, Guard) and Nych Smith (Freshman, Guard) and assistant coaches Michael DePaoli, Ryan Hage, and Khalid Robinson spoke to our young men about the importance of respect, participation, and having fun not only on the court but in life.  The group led our young women in shooting, defense, and dribbling drills. Antwoine and Nych are new role models at St. Ignatius School. Good luck this season. SIS will be cheering you on. Go Rams!
Fordham Basketball Girl's GroupFordham Basketball Boys Group Photo

Student Athletes Compete in London

Ronal Rugby LondonSeptember 2015 – Maritza (grade 8) and Ronal (grade 7) were chosen to represent St. Ignatius School and the United States of America at the International Tag Rugby Youth Festival Coventry 2015. The festival brought together students from New York, Paris, Kampala, Brazil, and Coventry to celebrate the Rugby World Cup 2015 and promote the core values of the game: Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Enjoyment, and Discipline. Ronal and Maritza played on a team with American students from across the country.

Maritza and Ronal made their school and country proud with their character and athletic skill. In a presentation to the school, Ronal shared, “We worked as a team in order to do our best…and we made it to 3rd place. This was not the best part of
the whole experience. After all, it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. The best part was how rugby brought us together. Not just team USA, but every team: Brazil, Paris, Uganda, England. Maritza Rugby London 2015Even if we did not speak the same language, we learned about each others cultures and talents.” Maritza highlighted the importance of dialogue on and off the field, “My team got off to a good start. I realized we would do a good job communicating on the field…We got to meet the teams from other countries which
was really cool because we had to try to find a way to communicate.”


Welcome New Faculty

September 2015 – St. Ignatius is thrilled to have three new faculty members join the school community. With joy, we welcome you to Hunts Point!


Cynthia Dougherty (left), earned her BA in English at Colgate University and her MAT in English at Brown University. She began her teaching career in New York as a 7th grade ELA teacher. Many years later, after living and working in California and North Carolina, she is once again a 7th grade ELA teacher in New York! Ms. Dougherty enjoys cooking, reading, and hanging out with her husband and three daughters.

Evadine Codd (center), grew up in Spokane, Washington, and received a BS in Psychology at Seattle University. Evadine is a Jesuit Volunteer and will be teaching 6th grade boys social studies, PE, library, and co-teaching math with Mr. Eduarte. She will also be helping with the after school program.

Lindsay Byron (right) earned her BA and BS in English Literature and Political Science at the University of Virginia and later received her Masters of Science in Clinical Social Work at Columbia University. She has clinical experience working with youth and their families in both foster care and criminal justice setting in Manhattan and the Bronx.  Previously, she spent four years working as a marketing analyst for various financial institutions in New York City and Chicago. She loves to cook and do yoga in her spare time.

Leadership in Lake Placid

July – August 2015 – St. Ignatius School students thrived at our five-week Summer Leadership Program.  During the first two weeks in Hunts Point, our young men and women were engaged in reading, math, and enrichment classes each morning.  In the afternoon, Rocking the Boat hosted SIS, teaching our students a wide range of maritime skills – from water conservation to rowing and boat handling. We loved our time in the sun and on the Bronx River!

The next three weeks in Lake Placid, New York, were filled with academics, swim lessons, hiking, arts and crafts, and team building activities.  We are grateful to The Julian Reiss Foundation for providing SIS students with a residential camp experience in the great outdoors.  Check out our SIS Camp 2015 video!FullSizeRender (3)

Kenyon Young Writers Program

July 2015 – St. Ignatius Alumni have been accepted into the Hunts Point Alliance for Children’s Kenyon Young Writers Program. During the 2-week intensive writing program, students work with authors KYW_4 all students 2and other students from all over the country and globe. At workshops, students engage in writing from prompts, reflective pieces, free write exercises. HPAC Founder and St. Ignatius School advocate Maryann Hedaa credits “[t]he intellectually stimulating and creative environment fostered by the Kenyon Young Writer’s Workshop staff and the students’ curiosity and commitment to learning that make the program an unforgettable, enriching experience.”

8th Grade Graduation

June 11, 2015 – The St. Ignatius School Class of 2015 celebrated their graduation with family, friends, and faculty at Corpus Christi Monastery.  Fr. Jim Keenan, S.J. presided over the ceremony.  Board of Trustee member, Dr. Joseph Petriello, delivered an inspiring speech, challenging our students to go forth with hearts aflame, in the spirit of St. Ignatius. 8th graders Iandra Toribio and Dereck Garcia eloquently spoke about their SIS experience and hopes for the future. The Class of 2015 is already very accomplished and has a bright future. Good luck in high school!

SIS Graduation 2015-102

Dereck Garcia proudly displays his awards. Good luck at Fordham Prep!

SIS Graduation 2015 Dereck Garcia

SIS compete at the 8th Annual AIG NYC Rugby Cup

June 6, 2015 – Three rugby teams represented SIS at the 8th Annual AIG NYC Rugby Cup where over 800 student athletes come together to celebrate the youth rugby community in NYC and to compete in the biggesIMG_2276t flag rugby tournament on the East Coast. Our students were first introduced to the sport this fall through Play Rugby USA. In a few short months, they have made incredible progress. The boys’ team advanced to the championship game and proudly took home the middle school 2nd place trophy. A true woman for others, Naomy was awarded the Go Forward Award, an honor given to players displaying exceptional sportsmanship. Congratulations to all SIS athletes!


SIS students meet Cardinal Dolan

June 3, 2015 – Pictured below are two St. Ignatius students,  Adolfo Arriaza and Leomis Leon, speaking with Cardinal Timothy Dolan at The Capital Improvements Committee Annual Reception.  The annual event at Rockefeller Center is organized by members of the Capital Improvements Committee of the Inner City Scholarship Fund.  St. Ignatius School was awarded a grant to replace and upgrade its phone system. We are very grateful of the Capital Improvements Committee to select SIS!

Cardinal Dolan 1

St. Ignatius School pauses to reflect on the Stations of the CrossSONY DSC

March 26, 2015 – Usually, during Easter season the children of SIS take a “pilgrimage” through the streets of Hunts Point, pausing at specific locations in the community for quiet meditation, prayer and recitation of the Stations of the Cross.  The rainy weather forced the prayer service to reconvene in the Corpus Christi Monastery, but our spirits were not dampened.  The students, faculty and community spent a solemn afternoon in prayer and reflection in preparation for Holy Week.


Brooklyn Nets Ticket Raffle to Benefit Saint Ignatius SchoolSIS_1_-_McLaren

March 11, 2015 –  Fordham Prep’s Student Government raffled a pair of donated Nets tickets to benefit St. Ignatius School.   St. Ignatius has developed a strong relationship with Fordham Prep and has benefitted  from programs organized by students and faculty  including tutoring, retreats and liturgies.  Each week, Paul Homer, Director of the Christian Service Program shuttles FP students to our school to assist sixth and seventh graders with their studies.

Thank you to Fordham Prep for raising over $2,000 for SIS in the Brooklyn Nets raffle! We are so grateful to everyone who participated and the constant support we receive from the Fordham Prep family.


St. Ignatius students are filled with the spirit of giving!


December 16, 2014 – In the spirit of giving this holiday season, students have been encouraged to remember what Christmas is truly about. Today was example of how our students truly work towards the “magis” by doing and being more as men and women for others. After their first day of midterm exams, students participated in a service activity led by Campus Ministry.  Members of Campus Ministry met yesterday to pre-cut fleece that the entire student body helped knot together to make blankets today. These blankets will be donated to Part of the Solution in the Bronx who will then distribute them to those in need of extra warmth and cheer this winter season.


O Holy Night, A Celebration of Christmaspageant 2

December 11, 2014 – The St Ignatius School students performed their annual Christmas Concert for the school community at Regis High School.  Here are a couple of photos from the event;…Thank you to Mr. Will Adamson for putting this program together and rehearsing with the children, to Mr. Tom Fazio and the art club for the beautiful “star” they made for our backdrop, to Fr. Phil Judge and Regis High School for the use of their auditorium, and to all the SIS community – parents, teachers, administration – who joined together at this magical celebration of the Christmas season. Bravo!!

pageant 4 pageant 5pageant 6

Rocking the Boat sets sail with Saint Ignatius Students Onboard
November 6, 2014 – Our friends at the Hunts Point based non-profit Rocking The Boat give our students hands-on, totally unique experiences in boatbuilding, sailing, and teamwork. Here are snaps from a recent outing on the East River, which became an open-air classroom for our kids. Thank you, Rocking The Boat!!
New York Times Best Selling Author Visits the SIS Library

Adam Gidwitz, author of A Tale Dark and Grimm, dropped by for a literary discussion with our students. Having been a text they all read during the Summer Leadership Program, our 6th, 7th & 8th graders had plenty to talk about. Thank you Mr. Gidwitz for helping make SIS a community of literacy and creativity and inspiring our strong readers with the hopes of one day becoming New York Times Best Selling authors!

St. Ignatius Alum featured on the Today show

Rocking the Boat is an after-school boat building program in Hunts Point that many of our students and graduates participate in throughout the year. Recently, its founder Adam Green was featured as a CNN Hero. Check out SIS alumnus, Steven Portillo, on this piece from the Today Show talking about his participation in the program. Congratulations Adam & Steven–keep up the great work in the Hunts Point Community and keep making SIS proud!

rocking the boat
Boat-building workshop helps inner-city students set new courses
‘Barely 3 miles from Manhattan, Hunts Point has the highest child poverty rate in the country. One-third of families in the neighborhood get by on less than $15,000 per year. Statistically, it’s as dangerous as it is poor, yielding the third-highest crime rate among the city’s 69 neighborhoods.’

 Togetherhood Project Brightens the Halls of SIS

August 13, 2014 – The Rye YMCA’s new Togetherhood program volunteered a day’s worth of labor painting the halls of St. Ignatius School in preparation for the upcoming school start.  The goal of Togetherhood—a national YMCA Social Responsibility initiative—is to involve Y members in community service.  In all, five teens and nine adults ranging in age from 14 to 64 would contribute 84 volunteer hours on the day of the project.   SIS President, Eavan O’Driscoll was elated with their hard work.

“The team from the Rye YMCA did more than brighten the walls of this little gem of a school in the Bronx.  They brightened the lives of our students through their act of kindness and generosity.  It means a lot to this Hunts Point community that a group from the Rye Y would devote their personal time and effort, not to mention their awesome painting skills, into providing a helping hand.   We witnessed how the Y fulfills its mission of bringing people together and are thrilled to have been part of the Togetherhood Project.  We also owe a big thank you to Sherwin Williams paint store for donating the paint and managerial expertise for the project”.


Changing Lives in Lake Placid, NY

Sunday, July 13 marked the beginning of the St. Ignatius Summer Leadership Program in Lake Placid, New York. Hosted for more than fifty years by The Julian Reiss Foundation, the camp is a powerful three-week long immersion experience which empowers our students through academic enrichment, spiritual development, and team-building activities.  Required for all 6th – 8th graders attending in SIS in the fall, the camp is a highlight that stays with our students through the academic year and for the rest of their lives. Learn more about our Summer Leadership Program.

We’re looking to raise $10,000 to underwrite this year’s summer leadership program for 69 St. Ignatius middle schoolers… won’t you give whatever you can to help us reach our goal? No gift is too small to show your support for this life-transforming experience!  Donate Now

Rich and girls

Amazon Smile

You Shop. Amazon Smile gives to St. Ignatius School!

AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support St. Ignatius School every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to St. Ignatius School!

On your first visit to AmazonSmile, you need to select St. Ignatius School before you begin shopping. Amazon will remember your selection, and then every eligible purchase you make on AmazonSmile will result in a donation to our school.

St Ignatius School
St. Ignatius Graduation

June 12, 2014 –  Our eighth graders graduated in a beautiful ceremony that took place in the Corpus Christi Monastery.  Fr. Chris Devron, President of Fordham Prep, presided over this momentous occasion. Our graduates are indeed an impressive group of young men and women whose accomplishments inside and outside of the classroom make us very proud.  The list of high schools they are attending is nothing short of stellar.  We owe a great big thank you to our extremely talented and committed faculty for playing such a significant role in helping each student reach his or her own goals. 

sis graduation-101 sis graduation

To view more photos, go to our Facebook page.

Spirit of Helen Keller Gala

On May 20, 2014 – more than 300 Helen Keller International supporters and trustees gathered at 583 Park Avenue in New York City to honor those who have joined with Helen Keller International in furthering its vital mission and work in reducing hunger and preventable blindness in some of the world’s poorest places.  

Their ChildSight® program serves at-risk children living in urban and rural settings by offering free vision screenings and eyeglasses to “bring education into focus.”  They screen children on-site at school to determine their vision correction needs and, within a week, deliver new glasses to those in need, at no cost to the children or their families.

Abigail Breslin with SIS students

SIS students with Oscar-nominated actress Abigail Breslin, who served as Honorary Junior Chair to the gala.

HKI President and Honoree with SIS students

SIS students with Helen Keller President and Chief Executive Officer, Kathy Spahn and former CEO of Concern Worldwide, Tom Arnold, the recipient of the Helen Keller Humanitarian Award.

INVEST IN CHANGE: Annual Scholarship Benefit

May 8, 2014 – The Saint Ignatius School benefit took place on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.  Nearly 500 guests celebrated the mission that evening at the sold-out event. INVEST IN CHANGE was a huge success, raising nearly $500,000 for the school.  We thank all of you who could join us, and our many friends whose sponsorships and donations directly fund quality Jesuit education for young middle school boys and girls in Hunts Point.


Walking Stations of the CrossStations of the cross 2013ver2

April 10, 2014 – The children of St. Ignatius School celebrated the Easter season by taking a “pilgrimage” through the streets of Hunts Point, pausing at specific locations in the community for quiet meditation, prayer and recitation of the Stations of the Cross.

St. Ignatius School Highlighted in BBC News Report

March 27, 2014 – President Obama visited Pope Francis in the Vatican for their first time.  During this meeting, President Obama and the Pope discussed their shared goals of fighting poverty and inequality.  In this BBC News segment, St. Ignatius School is highlighted as an example of a Jesuit middle school’s effort to alleviate poverty through education in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country.  Click image below to view video.


Fordham Prep Retreat

Fordham Prep RetreatDecember 12, 2013 – SIS 8th grade class visits Fordham Prep High School for a retreat with Fordham Prep students. This was in preparation for a full retreat in the spring.





The New York Times:  Plans for College, Made More Likely With a Laptop

xavierNovember 21, 2013 – By John Otis, – The journey from home to school is an effortless walk for Xavier Cruz, 14, who just strolls around the corner and down the block. But considering where he is going, he may as well be traveling to another world.

Read the Story



All School Mass with Rev. Jim Keenan, S.J.

Fr. Jim Keenan

Fr. Jim Keenan celebrated a beautiful “Mass of the Holy Spirit” with our students and faculty on September 26. The church was filled with the magnificent voices of all our students singing hymns. Mrs. Eavan O’Driscoll was also officially installed as our new President. What a great start to the new school year!

See the photos


Students of the Month – November 2013

chelseaChelsea L.

Chelsea is currently in the 8th grade at SIS. Her teachers describe her as compassionate, diligent, grateful and polite. Chelsea loves to write and to act. She also loves to read fiction and admitted to staying up until 4 am recently to finish a book which she had downloaded on her phone. When asked to share her favorite subject in school, without hesitation she exclaimed, “It’s hard to choose. I love all my classes!” Chelsea aspires to become a psychologist or a therapist because she finds human interactions and behaviors interesting. Chelsea lives with her grandparents, stepfather, mother, brother, uncle, cat (Bailey) and dog (Brownie). When applying to St. Ignatius School she explained that she did not have a second choice. “I went straight for Plan A and got it.” Chelsea is very focused and driven. She is keeping her options open for high school but found Cristo Rey very intriguing. Congratulations Chelsea!

recardoRicardo C.

Congratulations 6th grader Ricardo! Talk about a strong start! It’s only his very first month, first year and he’s already been voted Student of the Month at SIS. Ricardo’s teachers describe him as being kind, hard working and very respectful of his entire school community. Ricardo’s favorite subject is math. He hopes to become a mechanical engineer one day. In the meantime he likes to play soccer and football. He also likes to spend time with his family including his 2- year-old sister, Paulina. He enjoys being a big brother. He also enjoys his new school because his teachers are helpful. Though he does not like waking up early, he admitted that it is good to be at school at 7:30 because it “teaches us to be punctual which is needed to be successful in life”.

Cristo Rey President Rev. Joe Parkes, S.J. Inspires Saint Ignatius School Students

joe-parkesOn October 4th, the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, we were honored to have Fr. Parkes hold a prayer service with the students and faculty at Saint Ignatius.  He led the students through the life of St. Francis, and the powerful inspiration the saint has had on our new Holy Father, Pope Francis. Following the service, he captivated our 8th graders with a presentation on the value of a Cristo Rey High School education.


Gratitude for our First Day of School

SIS Students First Day 2013

On September 6th, 2013, St. Ignatius School opened its doors to 65 excited students. Although the 7th and 8th graders had spent 2 weeks together at camp, clearly they were very pleased to see each other on the front steps if the hugs and high fives were any indication!