Sponsor a Student

“For those who love, nothing is too difficult, especially when it is done for the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Sponsoring a student gives generous benefactors the opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative power of Saint Ignatius School’s Jesuit education.

Student Sponsorship Program – A Personal and Transformational Gift

The gift of student sponsorship provides a deserving middle school student the opportunity to receive the benefits of an exemplary Jesuit-inspired education, rooted in the values of excellence and service, for an entire academic year. This intensive educational experience, built around the Nativity model of success, prepares students for rates of achievement well above their peers in high school, college and beyond.

Friends of Saint Ignatius School provide the funds necessary to offer at-risk children a tuition-free, extended day, extended year, and academically rigorous Jesuit education. Saint Ignatius School Sponsors commit $12,500 annually to help pay for one year of a boy or girl’s tuition. As a Student Sponsor, you will have the opportunity to be paired with the same Saint Ignatius School student for all three years of his or her middle school education. This allows both the student and Sponsor to grow together over the course of a formative period in a young person’s life.

Understanding that Sponsors’ availability and time commitment may vary widely, we customize Sponsorship programs that engage Sponsors and students at their convenience. Sponsors are welcome to get to know students through appreciation breakfasts and luncheons, school visits, progress reports and letters. In return, our students gain a deeper understanding of gratitude and generosity from Sponsors who are answering Saint Ignatius’s call to be “men and women for others.” There are few more direct and rewarding ways of helping change a young life… and the trajectory of an entire family’s future. We invite you to consider becoming a partner in our mission!

Please call Jeremy Clifford, 718-861-9084 ext. 300 or email jclifford@sis-nativity.org for complete information.