Welcome to St. Ignatius School

"Love is shown more in deeds than in words."

Dear Friends, 

Imparting education, ministry and outreach to the marginalized has been at the core of the Jesuit mission across the world for almost 500 years.  St. Ignatius of Loyola, the very name after which our school is named, centuries ago responded to the citizens of Messina, Italy and started a tuition-free school for needy students and families.  

Now in our 25th year, St. Ignatius School continues to do the same, educating students in the Hunts Point community using our Ignatian legacy to care for the whole person-their minds, their hearts, and their souls- cura personalis.  We are committed to demanding that each student not only do more, but do their very best, in all things- seeking the Magis.  We are also committed to our mission of doing everything for the greater glory of God- AMDG

The St. Ignatius School experience is so much more than a comprehensive education.  Yes, an SIS grad is ready for the rigors of high school, but more importantly, they have become women and men for and with others.  They are ready to use their gifts and talents to think critically and understand the importance of living a life in service of others. 

While we find ourselves about to embark on a new chapter and a new way of learning in our history, we are mindful of the current health and historical context with which we return to school this fall. We are confident in our ability to remain faithful to St. Ignatius’ mission to provide a rigorous and innovative learning environment for our students and recognize that these times require adaptations for our faculty and staff to address the needs of our students and families. 

Thank you for believing so passionately in our mission – none of our work would be possible without your past support and ongoing commitment. 


One mission = One community. We are truly in this together.



Rich Darrell

Head of School