Our Mission

"Love is shown more in deeds than in words."

Empowering students to become their best selves.


St. Ignatius School empowers students in the South Bronx to become their best selves by creating a safe and nurturing community that fosters intellectual, spiritual, and social growth.


St. Ignatius School is a Catholic, co-educational, Jesuit-sponsored and scholarship middle school (grades 6 through 8) in the Hunts Point neighborhood of the South Bronx. We are committed to the success of our students not only in middle school, but also—with guidance, tutoring and financial support—through high school and beyond. Our vision is that our students excel through middle school, high school and college, and that they become role models and leaders-in-service within their communities.

St. Ignatius School endeavors to ignite Ignatian values in the minds and hearts of its students by creating an atmosphere where learning is exciting and valued and that reflects the tradition and ideals of Jesuit schools.  Our hope for our students is that they may embody the Five Pillars of Jesuit education:

  • Open to Growth
    • Students accept responsibility for their own growth
    • Begin to reach out in their development, seeking opportunities to stretch their minds
    • Learn how to accept personal talents and limitations
    • Begin to confront responsibilities to themselves and others in order to manage their impulsive drives
    • Open to diversity in people different from themselves
    • Develop conflict management skills
  • Intellectually Competent
    • Achieve a level of competence in academic skills and subjects required to get into high school courses, which will prepare them for college
    • Develop time management skills
    • Take pride in academic accomplishments
    • Show initiative in exploring ideas and issues
    • Grow in appreciation for their own and others’ heritages
  • Religious
    • Respectful of differing religious practices and beliefs
    • Appreciation of the key Old Testament stories
    • Familiarity with the Gospels
    • Understanding of Jesus Chris and His redeeming mission
    • Personal experience of God through prayer, during assembly, camp or in some other experience
    • Begin to form a Christian conscience and evaluate moral choices
    • Understand the importance of worshiping God with a Church community
    • Begin to understand the relationship between faith in Jesus and helping others
  • Loving
    • Begin to move beyond self-interest or self-centeredness
    • Know that God’s love for him/her is unconditional
    • Learn that his/her and others contributions to the school community enhances the unity of all
    • Learn that sexuality is a gift from God – to be handled with the deepest respect
  • Committed to Doing Justice
    • Begin to acquire some of the skills and motivation necessary to live as a person for others
    • Develop a sense of compassion through relationships, experience, and service for the disadvantaged
    • Learn that all people have rights and should be treated as he/she would like others to treat them – with respect and dignity